Adam Larson

Adam Larson

Photo by Will Boisture

"..impeccably trained post-bop saxophonist..."- The New York Times

"..a self-assured young saxophonist.."- Nate Chinen, The New York Times

" [Simple Beauty] confirms that he’s one of the most potent and promising saxophonists of his generation, and composer of tunes with a keen, contemporary edge.." Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen

"...a player for whom the word "prodigious" was coined."- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"As a debut album, Simple Beauty is as ambitious as it is successful...Larson’s command of the range of his tenor and smooth but slightly biting tone conjure Potter and Lovano.."- Andrea Canter, Jazz Police

"...everyone checked their egos at the door of the studio and let their stories unfold without forcing them. They cuddled, nudged and negotiated music delicately, yet decisively, and the result is simply beautiful..."- Rio Sakairi, Director of Programming at The Jazz Gallery, NYC

"...He has a strong and unpretentious tone, and a line that is really easy to follow but which takes the listener on an interesting ride...The title track shows Larson equally lyrical on soprano, once more eschewing any showing off in favour of more eloquent and heartfelt storytelling.."- Peter L. Bacon, The JazzBreakfast

"...Jazz is full of subtleties, and on Simple Beauty, Larson shows a mastery of many of them, including the art of integrating harmony and rhythm into forceful compositions..."- S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

Enter Site Photo Courtesy of Will Boisture

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